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Protex were among the first wave of punk bands to emerge in Belfast, Ireland. After witnessing The Clash perform they
The Second Time/ Over My Head 7” is a east coast-to- west coast collaboration. Together they have produced a high
Artists and Bands
Over the last two years The Speedways have continued to blaze a trail of power pop excellence. On June 29,
Artists and Bands
2022 appears to a promising year for Bad Sex. In March, they did a brief west coast tour which included
Bard Marino certainly has a lot of swagger. It’s perfectly displayed in his latest record Looking For Trouble. This record
Bambies have released their new record Summer Soon. This album plays at the blistering speed of 45rpm. Featuring 12 solid
In their new record Don’t Blame Yourself, listeners will hear music blending power pop flirting with punk sensibilities by twisting
Artists and Bands
While well received critically, The Speedways were unfortunately unable to celebrate the release of Radio Sounds because of the Corona
Jordan Jone's debut release is a power pop masterpiece. Within this records grooves are sounds begging, if not demanding to

The Speedways’ Just Another Regular Summer provides the new essential anthems for teenage inspired kicks and heartaches. Easily taking nods

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