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The Speedways: Radio Sounds For Better Days

The Speedways: Mauro, Kris, Matthew, and Adrian Since 2018, The Speedways have serenaded rock n' rollers blinded by the lure ...

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Glyn Bowen

Hyperloop Records

Glyn BowenAs a record collector, Glyn Bowen has always had an ear for interesting ,and hard to get.  He comes ...

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Capturing the Moment with Michael Kunde

Photo: Chad KirklandMichael Kunde is a professional commercial and advertising photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His work and ...

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Preaching The Gospel of Blues Trash with Reverend Beat-Man

Reverend Beat-ManFor over 30 years Reverend Beat-Man has practiced and preached the gospel of blues trash.  His gospel is not ...

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Wading Through Rock N' Roll and Natural Disasters With Los Vigilantes

Hailing from San Juan, Puerto Rico, Los Vigilantes have made their mark on the rock n' roll world. Since their ...

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Dancing Through The Evolution with Jeffery Hacker

Jeffery Hacker, Ashley Mietus and Scarlett Hacker. Photo by Clayton Holyoak (aka Goose) at Crucialfest Jeffery Hacker has ...

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Life in the Undergound with Ted Dougherty of Spaghetty Town Records

Ted Dougherty AKA Teddy Spaghetty Ted Dougherty AKA Teddy Spaghetty has long been involved in the underground music world. ...

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