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Feel The Noize with Slick Velveteens

Since their inception in 2015, Slick Velveteens have been on the forefront of a glam revolution in Salt Lake City. They are Devi Strill, Kenzie Waldo, Danny Cringe and Georgetown “Grimm.” Their influences range from New York Dolls to The Cramps to Betty Davis.

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Raising The Vibration with Wanita Music's DJ Jawa Jones

DJ Jawa Jones is vinyl DJ, radio host ,and founder of Wanita Music. In 2018, Jawa Jones established her own night called Wanita, which means woman in Indonesian. She began building a platform for supporting female artists, musicians and dj's in the world wide music community.

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Preaching the Ballads of Jacob T. Skeen

Jacob T. Skeen is Salt Lake City’s wild one-man band extraordinaire. Skeen has opened for numerous acts, enjoyed residences at several Salt Lake establishments and played at Craft Lake City and the Utah Arts Festival. Although his roots are blues-based, he plays with styles found in the garage by expanding ...

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On the Right Track with Black Wax's Adam J Smith

Originally, Black Wax started out as a regular way to share music. Since October 2020. it has been instrumental in promoting Let’s Go! and Black Wax Noise Division. Unlike other radio programs, Let’s Go! isn’t weighed down by nostalgia. Rather, it's a show pursuing a modernist perspective by playing ...

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Suicide Helpline: Living In The Future

They are unapologetically honest and critical of societies moral and social decay. This awareness is reflected in their songs lyrics and music. It's a style that effortlessly blends the attitude of late 70's punk by mixing it with post-punk sensibilities and coupling the flair of glam, but with the ...

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The Speedways: Radio Sounds For Better Days

While well received critically, The Speedways were unfortunately unable to celebrate the release of Radio Sounds because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Despite the setback, The Speedways remain vigilante, having enjoyed popular attention to their records.

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Glyn Bowen

Hyperloop Records

Hyperloop Records has steadily become renowned for their reissues. It’s a label that places an emphasis on reissues of garage rock, surf and psych records. Through Hyperloop Records, these gems are given new life and made affordable.

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