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Jacob T Skeen



Release: 3/28/2024

Jacob T Skeen has at last released a new record. It’s called Telestial. The meaning of which comes from the Mormon theology describing the lowest of three heavens in the religion’s afterlife. It’s the home for those who are deemed to have renounced the gospel, are last to be resurrected, and therefore cannot reside in the presence of Christ or God. So, perhaps it is most appropriate that this EP boasts a sound driven buy the pounding sensations of garage rock twisting with the psychotic reaction bound by punk infused psychedelia. Thus is the kind of music that one could only succumb to the lowest of sensibilities of depravity.

Without missing a stomping beat Telestial kicks off with the track “Come Home.” The intro leads in with a kind of retro angelic aura then rapidly deteriorates into fuzz driven stomping desolation. This is extenuated by Skeen’s haunted howling. It’s a wild concoction of the superbly maddening nature.

Building on this trend is “Chromic Gut.” Fuzz laden with a pounding beat, this track mixes in psychedelic despair. It’s a track that is short and sweet.  However, with the right kind of illicit assistance this one will leave the mind wandering among the edges of the abyss.

“You Try To Take My Life” is perhaps among my favorites on this EP. This is the kind of primitive garage punk like that would be found on the Voodoo Rhythm label. It’s savage and chaotic. When playing this track be sure to boost your receivers. This is is the kind of music that invites one to dance to the uncontrollable distress of a corruptible mind. Beware.

In comparison “Underground” captures the delightful feral essence of garage punk. Fast and heavy this track shows off Skeen’s keen ability to deliver the primordial blow in all things  rock n’ roll. Much like the previous songs, play this one loud. It’s a banger and anything less would be a waste.

In all Telestial is a brilliant EP. Skeen does not disappoint and this demonstrates his evolved sound that is faster, harder and leaves one a lasting effect edging toward a certain psychosis. If it is an indicator of things coming down the pipeline, then the future looks devastatingly bright for his future releases. Waste no time. Pick up Telestial and celebrate being in the lowest heaven among fellow degenerates.  

For more about Jacob T Skeen visit his Bandcamp here!



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