The Sex Organs — We’re Fucked

The Sex Organs

We’re Fucked

Voodoo Rhythm Records

Release: 03/15/2024

The Sex Organs intergalactic mission of reinfecting an essential concoction of sex and chaos into rock n’ roll has reached Earths doorstep yet again. This is thanks to their a new raunchy album titled We’re Fucked.  Within it’s grooves is their “Sexcitiment” style basked in the primitive sounds of blues trash driven garage punk emphasized with the lustful nature of the caveman stomp. This music is not for the complacent square, but rather for one who knows how to inspire with the sensations of shaking hips and vicious lips.

Brilliantly kicking off We’re Fucked is “Lets Fuck Around.” This number exudes every faintest notion of  garage punk through wild stomping with pronounced raw distorted riffs. “Lets Fuck Around” sets the theme for this album. Simply put, The Sex Organs are here to lament the need to explore the depravities of sex, whether it be casual or otherwise.

If one has ever ventured into listening to the Sex Organs then “Hair In My Mouth” should offer some obvious connotations. This eloquent song explores the bush whacking adventures of going south. Musically it’s the kind of fast and raw that makes chaotic orgasmic blues trash great. Play fast and be prepared to recklessly throw yourself about.

“Sex Shop” differ from other songs by broadcasting a kind of hypnotic mood setter.  The Sex Organs use this song to superbly create a setting that is both groovy and mysterious. This song blends psychedelic properties while colorfully stringing along one’s journey through rows of cock rings, dildos, sex pills or clitoral stimulants.  If one needed a song that would be infinitely better than whatever awkward noise is played at your local sex shop, then this is it.

Perhaps my favorite track on this record is “Do It Yourself.” This track relies heavily on a combination of pummeling drumming and fuzz laden guitar. Theme wise it’s about practicing some keen self-reliance through exercising one’s urges alone  while thinking of that special someone.  If there wasn’t a soundtrack for soloing it now The Sex Organs have gifted that to humanity.  So, blast away.

Another favorite is “Nipple Twister.” This number blends chainsaw trash with wild garage punk sensibilities. It’s a track that short and sweet. The Sex Organs use it as a warning to their listener of the impending doom of the nipple twister. He’s back in town and coming to twist your nipples and it doesn’t matter if they are hard or soft. Not sure if playing this track attracts or wards of the dreaded nipple twister, but there is only one way to find out.

 Concluding this album is the title track “We’re Fucked.” This song celebrates a simplistic approach through blending radical distortion and primordial drum pounding.  The result is a musical build up pronounced  with a simple chorus “We’re Fucked.” The meaning of which lays the question to what the Sex Organs are trying to convey. Perhaps it’s wisdom from their intergalactic ways providing an insight into a sense of possible humanities doom. Or, maybe it’s more in line with the overall theme of the record — sex, depravity and a strong gradual build up to a climatic end. Either way, play “We”re Fucked” as loud as you can for the finish.

The Sex Organs have delivered yet another album that demands to be heard. Thanks to their galactic ways sex is back in rock n’ roll. Hopefully this time it is here to stay. Be sure to get “Were Fucked” and explore all the savage debauchery it has to offer. After all, this is the only place to get the authentic “Sexcitiment” experience. Don’t miss out.

For more about The Sex Organs visit their Bandcamp!



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