Mala Vista — Fun Time

Mala Vista

Fun Time

Spaghetty Town Records

Release: 03/01/2024

For years Mala Vista has blazed a trail throughout the New York City punk scene and beyond. Mala Vista’s sound is pure rock n’ roll that twists snotty 77 influenced punk and with infectious junk shop glam vibrancy. Their name pays homage to their Latino roots and means bad outlook or perspective. The new album Fun Time from Spaghetty Town Records displays pertinent sound that commands nothing short of sheer brilliance. Think of it as mixing the intensity of Ramones and Dead Boys but with defiance of Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers. The result is what’s been missing from today’s punk rock.

Fun Time is a record that I’ve been needing to hear. From start to finish Fun Time’s excellence stands out against peers of the 2020s. It’s dark and foreboding but in a speed driven seriousness worthy of following it’s ’77 influenced forbearers.  This is of course evident when the needle drops on the opening track “9 Ball.” Upon listening to this song it is obvious Mala Vista have something special. This is largely thanks to a unique tone of wailing razer riffs and machine gun drums. The consequence is a coke with whiskey filled desire demanding the smashing of the immediate surroundings while rock n’ rolling until the light breaks the dawn. This is kind of energy is consistent in Fun Time but is particularly found in “Don’t Owe You” and “I Don’t Wanna.”

One of my favorite songs on Fun Time is “In The Dark.” The theme of this track boasts an isolating nature of deepening depression. This is the kind of punk rock that demands to be heard. Lyrically “In The Dark” explores this intoxicating dejection while the musical aspect pierces with juxtaposition of wire sharp audacious vitality. If this were the song for the staggering conclusion of life then this is a sound that breathes a shattering absolution.

My other favorite track on this record is “Die Waiting.’ The beauty of “Die Waiting” is its unapologetic conscious reflection of 2020 and it’s near unforgettable urgency. For many 2020 was a year of turbulent cemented in social strife and unemployment exacerbated by the fascist Trump government complimented by the impending desolation courtesy of the rampant Covid 19 pandemic. This track hits hard through being fast, hard and above all relevant in it’s commentary.  After all, for the majority of us, who wasn’t spending that uncertain year waiting to just die as the world burned around them? If one needed a song to make sense of that shit show, then here is “Die Waiting.” It needs to be heard.

Fun Time is an essential listen. Mala Vista have done their homework and play through this record with a defining intensity. This is a group that have what many miss, a defining and significant style celebrating a lasting youthful insurgence that is all things punk and rock n’ roll. Given this commitment it’s no surprise then they have shared the stage with 999, The Kids or The Gories.

It’s clear that Fun Time is an album very much aware of it’s social surroundings and remains completely honest about it’s absurdity. Waste no time delaying. This album should be blasting throughout every home and it’s listeners ought to be inspired to wreck everything. Mala Vista have delivered the good stuff. Play it now and loud.



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