Bad Sex — “Come Over Tonight”/”Rose Tinted Heart” 7″

Bad Sex

“Come Over Tonight”/Rose Tinted Heart” 7″

Little Lost Girl Media

Release: 10/13/2023

Bad Sex are one of those groups that ignites feelings of sincerity for everything rock n’ roll. This is thanks to their blending the infectious nature of punk infected power pop with glam rock sensibilities. Over the years they have swept the pacific northwest by storm, played The Rocky Mountain Ripper in 2022 and left a radical mark on the punk rock ethos. Such a feat is largely due to numerous releases and strong showmanship. Now they have released their latest (and possibly last) record with “Come Over Tonight”/ Rose Tinted Heart” 7” from Little Lost Girl Media. It’s a 7″ that demands to be heard.

“Come Over Tonight” is a track celebrating the marriage between glam infused power pop notions. If you haven’t check out the music video for this track. It’s hilarious and is a must see.  From start to finish “Come Over Tonight” is infectiously simplistic and quite catchy. Under the right concoctions, this track will have you singing along to it’s repetitive chorus. It’s clearly meant for the hopeless rocker romantic who find themselves in a state of lustful desperation. Don’t play this softly as it ought to be blasted for the lonely neighbors benefit as well.

“Rose Tinted Heart” follows in the same vein as the title track. Although not without a cheesy approach, this song shows of  particular sentimentality. It’s track boasting definable heartfelt longing and thus perfect for the love-sick rock n’ roller. This is thanks to an element of hard rock twisting with an earnest power pop sound. Overall, if you heart is yearning then “Rose Tinted Heart” may be for you.

I’m sad to hear of Bad Sex’s impending split. For me, the bar was set when Bad Sex put out the “Miranda” single. From there I was hooked.  However, this 7’ shows off a brilliant tenacity that defines the Bad Sex sound. For lovers of glam, power pop and all things arrow through heart related, this record is for your immediate consideration. Find this single and play it.



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