The Uppers — Manic Melodies

The Uppers

Manic Melodies

Spaghetty Town Records

Release: 09/15/2023

The Uppers have released Manic Melodies via Spaghetty Town Records. It’s a  a stellar EP that lives up its name. Within it’s grooves are four lightning fast punk infused power pop tracks that are catchy as hell. Hailing from St Louis, Mo, The Uppers features member from Hard Evidence and Thee Fine Lines. For this EP, the famed Tuk Smith (Biters, Tuk Smith and The Restless Hearts) produced this dynamic EP. The Manic Melodies EP is all thrills and no frills. It’s hard to believe that such a power pop punch could be confined with in just four tracks on a 7” record.

The first track “Stimulation” sets the tone for this EP. Easily my favorite on Manic Melodies. It’s loud, rapid fast with a chorus demanding to sung along to. This is shows of The Uppers ability to blast punky power pop at it’s most electrifying. So, be sure to crank your receiver when listening to this track.

“Madam Please” has an strong build up. It’s a song betraying a kind of desperation. The theme of this track beckons to the notions of breaking up with one’s first love and the confusion of it’s aftermath. While fast and resistant in nature, it’s easy to follow along and even relate. Particularly if fresh in absence of a relationship and feeling it’s lingering regret.

“Don’t Start” also follows along in a similar vein. This track boasts the angst needed for simplistic punk to flourish. Clearly this is a song in reference to civil dispute, perhaps between estranged lovers. The protagonist takes an assertive tone demanding the listener back off during a heated confrontation. If feeling the heat of contestation, then this one might be for you.

On the other hand “Slide” has a certain defiance and snotty charisma to it. It’s a song about dealing with someone to be untrue and unfaithful. Certainly  this is another track that falls in line with angst driven punk. “Slide” is short, sweet and straight to the point. It’s message is easy, fakers beware and make room.

For your consideration, each track on this record demands to be heard. This 7″ is from a group that has a previous record out on No Front Teeth. Not so surprising then they have found a home like-minds in Spaghetty Town Records. Plus they’ve shared the stage with groups like Radioactivity, The Dead Boys, Chubby And The Gang ,and made an appearance at Punk Rock Bowling and The Down South Showdown. So pay attention to The Uppers. This is the good stuff and there needs to be more.



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