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Bad Sex are one of those groups that ignites feelings of sincerity for everything rock n’ roll. This is thanks
The Uppers have released Manic Melodies via Spaghetty Town Reocrds. It’s a a stellar EP that lives up its name.
Within it’s grooves is a story of sentimentality via four tracks exuding catchy rock n’ roll excellence. This EP rips.
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2022 appears to a promising year for Bad Sex. In March, they did a brief west coast tour which included
Since their formation in September 2018, they have been on a mission to bring forth the modernization of 50 and
Artists and Bands
Whether on stage or heard through their records, The Jackets jolt life into the vital heartbeat to revitalize rock n’
For those fans of rockabilly notions riding on garage, all infused with punk-rock messiness, this record is for you. Listening
At the age of 20, I was introduced to Guitar Wolf via their 2000 rock n’ roll zombie b-movie, Wild

With Obermann Rides Again, it’s clear that The Masonics are experts in love, loss and yearning. This is a formula

Three singles in and Fashionism are still flawlessly knocking out catchy rock n’ roll anthems. Their style evokes a strong

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