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Little Bliss

Reta Records


QWAM are a four piece from Brooklyn. They are Matt Keim, Felicia Lobo, Eddie Kuspiel and Rachel Zisette. Having already quite the discography, QWAM have released the Little Bliss single via Reta Records. It’s clear that QWAM  are rooted in a sound melding indie-glam tendencies with pop punk sensibilities. “IDC”  blends of infectious indie garage sound with power pop meets punk attitude. While the title track “Little Bliss” offers a sound blending on a 90’s grunge meets a contemporary pop punk style.

The A-side’s “IDC” is my favorite track on this single. It’s charming lyrics combine with engaging pop-centric punk. It shouldn’t be hard to observe that “IDC” spelt out stands for “I don’t care.” This track comes across as deliciously nihilistic that comments on feeling overpowered with life as we know it.  The theme blasts into the state of accepting impending doom by suggesting drinking tea while watching the world burn. This highlighted with a catchy chorus. By playing this loud one can enlighten the apocalypse with sunshine filled apathy.  

 “Little Bliss” on the other hand has a different approach. This track builds on calm and collected pop-punk harmony’s. Then bursts with a defining attitude but with an indie meets grungy glam style. This is particularly demonstrated toward the latter half. At this point in the song everyone in the band sings along emphasizing an feeling of being of being overwhelmed. In the end, it’s a superb mix of anxsty indie-induced punk that’s oddly fulfilling.

The “Little Bliss” single is a fun listen. This is music that seems to bare a reflection of the overwhelming anxiety of today’s word. It’s mostly seen in”IDC” but is also represented in “Little Bliss.” Although, it is “IDC” that garners my attention. It’s the kind of agitated yet hopeless song to pogo about with reckless abandon. “IDC” harkens on a sound describing the modern antagonism of punk twisting with pop. That said, this is a record that ought to be spun. Give it a listen.

For more about QWAM check out their Bandcamp or via Reta Records”!



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