December 10, 2015

Dig Nick Kuzmack’s —aka Nix Beat— TOP 5 albums of 2015. Featuring: Miscaculations A View For Glass Eyes , The

High builds on the foundations of the “upbeat” and “infectiously catchy,” building off solid hits “My Own Fantasy” and “Need

Numero Group’s release of the Ork Records collection celebrates a unique time in music through a compilation that features obscure

Old and new fans alike will dig this. True to their hardcore and punk roots, Vancouver punk legends D.O.A deliver

Gentleman’s Dub’s The Big Smoke is on point. This album beautifully captures the ability of contemporary reggae to be something

Mike Love’s take on the reggae sound is described to be as conscious roots music. For the most part, Love’s

Nick Hall’s I Need A Dodge! is a brilliant tale that documents the largely unexplored period of Joe Strummer’s escape

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