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The Toxenes – Double Creature Feature

The Toxenes

Double Creature Feature

Killjoy Records


The Toxenes= The Baby Shakes + The Cramps + The Horror Pops

The Toxenes are a rock ‘n roll trio from Minneapolis. They have previously released a single (2017) and a cassette album Electric Shock (2018). Double Creature Feature is their first LP on Vinyl. For those fans of rockabilly notions riding on garage, all infused with punk-rock messiness, this record is for you. Listening to this record is like binge watching a whole season of sounds. It’s got 18 grooves fully loaded with sugar and doused with rock ‘n roll vinegar.

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Foxtails Brigade

Foxtails Brigade
Released: 04:08:2016

My desire to check out Foxtails Brigade’s self-titled release is inspired by the need for a sound that is simulating and exemplifies feelings of wanderlust and intrigue. I’m happy to say that as much was yielded after giving this record a few spins. Foxtails Brigade is an experience that proves that there something left in the universe that borders on the interesting and possibly unique. It lays out an impressive 11 tracks that traverse from the thoughtful yet emotionally provoking to the seemingly whimsical. Listeners will easily find that there is a mix of folk that combined with certain a indie-pop meets classical like sensibility that is alternatively charismatic. This is most notably found in the track “Nun But The Lost.” However, the treat this record presents are the tracks that have particular substance that serve to do more than reverb on playful notions. For this I think of “We Are Not Ourselves.” This number is easily the top track here. It is fun and intelligent as it manages to invoke thoughts of catchy intrigue. Other tracks that follow closely this line of thought are “Long Route” and “Last Still Standing.” Overall this is music to feel good about, but the thing here is that it also possesses qualities of sound that border on mind expanding possibilities. So, remember there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Foxtails Brigade and it can only be fully enjoyed by giving this record some proper attention. To not do so would deprive one like you of a sound that is wonderfully different and eclectic. — Nick Kuzmack

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