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This is a book that matters. Authors Mark Andersen and Ralph Heibutzki take the history of the turbulent political struggles

If humanity is to have a future, it needs a strategy to combat the threat of climate change. The threat

The Explosion Of Deferred Dreams is an essential book that explores the powerful relationship between music and politics. Author Mat

Author Simon Reynolds dives right into the history of glam rock and brilliantly explains its legacy, which continues to span

Nearly 40 years ago, John Doe’s infamous band X hit the L.A. punk scene during a period that defined a

Lita Ford had quite the storied rock n’ roll career: starting off in The Runaways, she rose to impressive prominence

    Michael Lowy brilliantly proposes Ecosocialism as a viable alternative to the capitalist mess that has enveloped the planet

Perhaps one of the ultimate ways to celebrate the culture of record collecting—apart from buying more records—is Dust & Grooves:

Censorship Now!! is the latest book by Ian F. Svenonius—best known for his membership in the hardcore punk band, The

Mark Ribowsky weaves together a brilliant narrative that explores the rise of Otis Redding in conjunction with the essential establishment

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