Radio Hearts — Daytime Man EP

Radio Hearts
Daytime Man EP
Wanda Records
Release: 04.28.2017

Imagine if The Undertones sang about middle age crisis and responsibility, but were still catchy with an infectiously youthful sound. If you can, then Radio Hearts’ Daytime EP is exactly that. Radio Hearts come from Long Beach, California. Although they formed in 2012, these cats sound like they were cruising around between 1977 and 1979. Radio Hearts have an impressive style about them. It’s punky power pop at it’s vintage yet contemporary’s finest. They channel the poppy fury of The Buzzcocks infused with The Boys into a sound that is addictively familiar.

While their heroes sang about teenage kicks, the Daytime Man EP is 5 tracks that are reflective and meant for lives with some actual experience. The opener, “Alright,” talks about making marriage work through working together with one’s partner. It’s got razer riffs and solid beats making it a solid power pop bopper.

The second track, “Day Time Man,” is an anthem for the mature weekender who longingly looks at their forever-young past with a certain fondness. Clocking at 2 minutes and 9 seconds, this track boasts enough bouncing riffs and hand claps to you moving about and wear you out.

My personal favorite is “Know That Song.” It’s a track that suggests a nostalgic look for a particular sound. Personally, I identify with being a bit stuck in my own way when it comes to music- aka knowing what I like. So this one hits home for me.

Radio Hearts have something timely and special going on. With this Daytime Man EP release, they show an ability to pay homage to the punk of the past while also being it’s offspring. This stuff is good, fast and fun—and like a fine wine, is somewhat aged. So check it out.


For more Radio Hearts check out their Bandcamp and their Facebook.

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