Os Noctàmbulos-Stranger

Os Noctambulos
Stolen Body Records
Street: July 15, 2016

If anything about the appeal for the transcendent yet infectious sounds of surf-ridden psychedelia inspired you to check out Os Noctàmbulos , then you’re right where you are supposed to be. So, by all means take this second to plug in and flip the volume nob to it’s properly adjusted, borderline deafening level. Done right, this listen will invoke the joys of total and overwhelming sonic damnation. As you  reach this plain of tranquility the experience will yield the desperation of Stranger’s eerie invocations of garage laden psych rock n’ roll. After a few spins, it should be clear that there is a certain comfortableness that comes from Os Noctàmbulos. It’s kind of familiar, like that of contemporaries Allah-Las. Both groups have a style that borders on the warmness of 1960’s psychedelic nostalgia, but with much needed refreshing feel. By this, I mean as one listens to Stranger, one could let the mind wander to tracks like “Not Everyone” or “Control” and still manage to dance as if under some sort of spell. Mind you, if  you find your companions are not in same state of mind as yourself, make sure that the punch is spiked with something good. After this, dive back in to Stranger digest the more upbeat and subtly provoking numbers like the organ heavy “Jordi Taught Me,” the rocking and rolling “Handcuffs” and the wildly defiant “Medication.” Once immersed, you’ll find Os Noctàmbulos’ Stranger will have you willfully surrendering mind, body and soul to move and groove. —Nick Kuzmack

For more from Os Noctàmbulos check out their Bandcamp and Facebook Page.

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