Mattiel — Count Your Blessings / Whites of Their Eyes 7”

Count Your Blessings / Whites of Their Eyes 7”
Burger Records
Street: 07/15/2017

This little record holds some magic within its grooves. Mattiel (aka Mattiel Brown) comes at you with a solid mix of a 1960’s nitty gritty soul explosion mixed in with jumping indie-inspired garage rock. Think The Ronettes meets The Black Lips infusing a little of a La Luz-esque feel.

A-side has the killer “Count Your Blessing” while the B-Side boasts “Whites of Their Eyes.” “Count Your Blessings” is haltingly beautiful. Mattiel channels the essence of Ronnie Spector in the jazz-like-soul number. It’s song that elicits the feeling of weightlessness as if being cast under some sort of spell. This is the ideal result invoked by the aid of an overwhelmingly raised volume level.

“Whites Of Their Eyes” is a bouncing number that invokes notions of being a sort of rock n’ roll gunfighter anthem. The track starts out off with a sick beat that leads to a provocative sound thanks to the prominent reverberating guitar. It’s got a certain edgy attitude to it that flirts with a distant sound. So, think of this as a tune that Quientin Tarantino might dig up for an actually good remake of a The Magnificent 7 styled western.

The Count Your Blessings / Whites of Their Eyes 7” was recorded by Burger Records and written by Atlanta’s InCrowd Music. This record is well worth placing in a constant rotation on your turntable. If this is an indicator of what Mattiel has to offer, then also get a hold of the full length Self-Titled coming out on September 29, 2017 via Burger Records.



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