Honshu Wolves — Cosmic Creature Capture

Honshu Wolves

Cosmic Creature Capture

Voodoo Rhythm Records

Street: 03/05/2021

Descending from Berne, Switzerland are the Honshu Wolves. They are Maryanne Shewolf, Fabu and Mige. Since 2007, Honshu Wolves have been expanding the minds of their listeners with their signature delta space blues. They have enjoyed their previous releases through Moi J’Caonnasi and Sacred Hood Records. Their new album Cosmic Creature Capture has been released through Voodoo Rhythm Records. It’s music blending the sounds of the desert gospel with the haunting sensations of devotional soulful psychedelia. It’s a style that spiritually uplifts it’s listener with an absolute cool and charming demeanor. 

Admittingly, this isn’t this is not kind or rambunctious blues one could normally expect from Voodoo Rhythm Records. It delightfully stands on it’s own. Cosmic Creature Capture is a spacey, bluesy concoction that finds it’s own place within a label with an already storied catalogue. The distinction though is the Honshu Wolves music is like an angel to joyously distorted voodoo sounds of the devil.

Cosmic Creature Capture starts off with “Something’s In The Air.” It’s a great introduction to the feeling of the album. This track warms up gradually with groovy fuzzed out folk blues instrumentals. However, when intertwining with  Shewolfs distinctive vocals the song really take off. It’s like listening to melody’s that are just above the clouds, but just under the stars.  

In contrast to the opening track, “Won’t Let Fear In” reveals a painful, vulnerable nature. Shewolf explores the feelings of being overwhelmed by relationship insecurity. It’s akin to duel of where one’s heart exposed to uncertainty while in the immersion of passion or loss to. or those who have felt such sensitivity or heartache, this tack might bring up the feels.

 Songs like “Last Night” and “Goddess” share a likeness in manner with “Won’t Let Fear In.” Each song superbly demonstrates Shewolf’s piercing vocals. Her delivery is fiery and impassioned. Coupled with the heavy instrumentals, it feels like the absolution and desperation of Honshu Wolves delta space blues is truly upon you. 

My favorite track on Cosmic Creature Capture is “Come Closer.” It’s a track comes from the same vein as Alan Vega’s Suicide. This approach manifests itself thanks to its slow, hollow tempo. Furthermore, it distills the familiar characteristic of an overpowering sense of euphoria. Because of this, “Come Closer” is a great song to close out this record.

Fans of the outer worldly sounds of Spaceman 3, PJ Harvey or Spiritualized will find Honshu Wolves’ Cosmic Creature Capture among like minds. Beware, it’s bewitching to the ears. It’s a cosmic trip that demands only the most lucid. Within the grooves of this record are sounds offering a heavenly feel of blues beckoning toward something serenely spiritual.  So, when listening to Cosmic Creature Capture, be sure to simply let go when droping the needle on this record. The gospel sounds of the delta space blues await.

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