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The Monsters —You’re Class, I’m Trash

The Monsters

You’re Class, I’m Trash

Voodoo Rhythm Records

Street: 11/12/2021

Blasting out of the chaos of the covid-ridden world are unlikely saviors The Monsters. Recorded in two weeks during the mind-numbing lull of the pandemic world, they have wrought into the world their new album You’re Class, I’m trash. This is a record that doesn’t disappoint. Impressively, the lyrics making up Your Class, I’m Trash only contains 120 words. Making the lyrical volume short, sweet but devastatingly precise. Not surprisingly then that Your Class, I’m Trash still lives up to the raw and savage sounds that only The Monsters can deliver.

Your Class, I’m Trash stays true to their style of teenage-primitive rock n’ roll chainsaw massacre garage trash.  Within it’s simplicity is head bashing excellence. Think along the lines of the Germs meeting the Circle Jerks but with an overly garage punk feel. This is evident it tracks like “Gimme Germs” or “Get Drunk On You.” Both tracks ought to inspire one to throw themselves into a tantrum of destructive fury. 

Other tracks like “Blasphemy” and “Stranger To Me” give way to The Monsters obvious rockabilly from hell leanings. Fast and wild, these tunes will get the blood pumping even the most decayed of postmortem veins. This is rock n’ roll and it surely meant for the dementedly damned.

The crème de la crème in You’re Class, I’m Trash is in “Dead (Mortem Batkovic).”  This song—originally “Dead”— was rewritten by the Swiss composer Mario Batkovic. The original version of “Dead” falls in line with The Monsters garage punk. In contrast, the rewritten version is it hauntingly beautiful. By capturing Beat-Man’s feral vocals with and horror operatic-like instrumentals, “Dead (Mortem Batovic) strikes an overwhelming sound meant to ravage tortured the covid-lockdowned soul.

Another favorite is “Devil Baby.”   Sitting at 4:29, this is the longest track on this record. Following along the theme of apocalyptic heaviness, this song delivers an awesome spectacle of fuzz-laden distortion. It’s drawn out wall of sound doom pounding punk ought to swamp any unwary mind. Be sure to play this one loud.

Not surprisingly, The Monsters deliver the goods with You’re Class, I’m Trash. It’s a stunning mix of crass, trash induced garage punk with untamed hardcore noise meant for a rock n’ roll massacre. Since this was recorded during the lock downs the Covid 19 Pandemic, this album bares a certain brilliant creative nature that emerged from the disaster that was 2020. It’s loud, raw and a totally world-ending mind shattering listen. So, drop the needle and enjoy.

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THE MONSTERS  M Voodoo Rhythm Records Street: 10.28 The Monsters = Guitar Wolf + The Rippers + Sex Organs

Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 10.28
The Monsters = Guitar Wolf + The Rippers + Sex Organs

The Monsters are the distant cousin, or even perhaps the slightly removed and deranged child that comes from the tales of the black lagoon. Admittedly, the charm that comes from a listening session with The Monsters’ records stems from their simple take on a savage noise. Sure, it may be a bit repetitive, but its energy is wild and dangerous. Think something along The Cramps, but so thoroughly revolting a sound that it germinates within the confines of the garage and remains to fester there.

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VARIOUS ARTISTS THE MONSTERS: BURN IN HELL Voodoo Rhythm Records Street: 11.11 The Monsters: Burn In Hell = The Devils + The Failed Teacher + Sudden Infant + The Seniles

Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 11.11
The Monsters: Burn In Hell = The Devils + The Failed Teacher + Sudden Infant + The Seniles

To play for The Monsters, each group performs a song that they would consider their favorite by the legendary group. In doing so, each band draws on their respective talents for this compilation. It is also of note that each band has a personal connection to The Monsters and are held in high regard and treated like family. It is therefore not surprising that these groups carry on a sound that emphasizes the beauty that defines Reverend Beat Man’s label Voodoo Rhythm Records. To be fair, there are probably many who may read this in Utah and the surrounding region who have yet to bear witness to this labels’ unique sounds, much less anything by The Monsters. So lets say that what is on this compilation is unlike anything that has yet to assault your ears—with maybe an exception for anything from the Memphis, Tennessee—based label Goner Records.

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Voodoo Rhythm Records
Street: 04.08
The Monsters = The Sonics + The Jackets

From the gritty streets of Bern, Switzerland, comes the raw and primitive recordings of The Monsters. Fronted by Beat Zeller, aka Reverend Beat Man—owner of Voodoo Rhythm Records—the band formed in 1986 and made a name for themselves as a wild garage rock–meets–rockabilly outfit. They toured Europe and presented themselves as a force to be reckoned with. The Jungle Noise Recordings was originally recorded in 1994 and was the first album that saw The Monsters use an electric bass rather than an upright. The album was recorded at home instead of a studio so that the record could better boast the raw elements of The Monsters’ sound. It was originally released as 10” record via the underground German label Jungle Noise. After The Jungle Noise Recordings came out, The Monsters conducted a lengthy tour that saw them established in the Europe’s rock n’ roll scene. Giving this compilation a thorough listen some 20ish years later, I can see why.

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