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Capturing the Moment with Michael Kunde

Photo: Chad Kirkland

Michael Kunde is a professional commercial and advertising photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His work and personal talents take him both across the United States and internationally. Some of his clients include Adobe and Chrysler. Apart from an impressive commercial portfolio, Kunde also boasts personal photography work that includes unique takes from his travels. Some of his more distinguished work contain his striking themes, such as those found in rural areas of the United States….

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 Photos courtesy of Tyson Heder

If one were to choose to walk through the layered depths of the punk rock community, they should strive to find themselves wallowing in the heat of the Punk Rock Bowling Festival. The festival is held on a parking lot adjacent to Fremont, and its largely open space lacks cover from the blistering heat of the sun. One can always purchase a $2 water to stay hydrated, although I’d wager that more money is probably spent on pints and whiskey cokes. The festival attendees are as diverse as the variety of punky hair colors, though there is the fascinating commonality of wearing all black, as if to tempt the wrath of heat exhaustion. The unforgiving heat aside, this gathering serves to inspire community and camaraderie under the banner of all things punk rock. The festival is a space where one can feel at home and comfortable while surrounded by those who celebrate the varied degrees of a storied subculture. Here, one can get all the applicable accessories from clothing, pins, hats and rare records from stalls like that of Anaheim, California’s Radiation Records. Unlike years past which have been largely apolitical, this year’s Punk Rock Bowling has an unofficial theme of denouncing Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump—a sentiment that is easy and popular to get behind.

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Review: The Moths – Necromancy: Rock-N-Roll

The Moths
Necromancy: Rock-N-Roll
8ctopus Records
Street: 04.24
The Moths = Joy Division + Dead Boys + Killing Joke

There is no better description for The Moths than their own self-description as rock noir. The Moths have an infectious energy that is dark, hauntingly lively and delightfully provocative. Necromancy: Rock-N-Roll is a brilliant mix of gothic-punk passion with sounds from psychedelic garage that meet a primal post-punk nature, and has the ability to totally consume the unsuspecting mind of the unwary listener.

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Review: Rich Girlz – He’s A Lover

Rich Girlz
He’s A Lover
Street: 06.26
Rich Girlz = Thee Oh Sees + The Parrots + Weezer

Here are Rich Girlz, Salt Lake’s distorted, cheesy wrappings of a Burger Records–styled rock n’ roll sound. They’ve got the snotty angst, feelings of societal misunderstanding and the provoking attitude that represents the next generation of garage bands looking for a cool place to have a whiskey-Coke and fries.

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Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records

Crate Digger: An Obsession With Punk Records
Bob Suren
Microcosm Publishing
Street: 06.09

Crate Digger is an excellent, fun and engaging read. It is the story of Burrito Records’ Bob Suren’s life of collecting punk records, playing music, running a record store/label, and succeeding and failing. This book narrates his life, highlighting notable titles like The Dictators’ Go Girl Crazy!, Gay Cowboys in Bondage’s Owen Marshmallow Strikes Again, Raw Power’s Screams from the Gutter and The Stalin’s Go Go Stalin, and then using them as a way to relate the records’ significance to parts of his life. While this certainly is an amusing way of relating a memoir, it is no less honest or sincere.

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The Weirdos played an awesome set at Urban Lounge on July 17.

The Weirdos played an awesome set at Urban Lounge on July 17.

This evening holds a promise of excitement from two legendary groups who’ve helped build the foundation of punk—The Weirdos and The Adolescents. The latter I’ve seen before while living in London, but with the addition of the former, it’s all I can do to keep my composure as I hang in the patio of the Urban Lounge. The place was packed and, while this is not necessarily surprising for a Friday night, it is interesting to see several generations of punk rockers under one roof—studs, bristles and all. I can’t help but acknowledge some romantic notions of this gathering being a symbol of the rich legacy of punk in Utah.

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“Nick Kuzmack has been a contributor with SLUG Magazine for the last two years. He’s a writer, journalist, marketer and self-proclaimed shitty bassist. He can often be seen haunting Salt Lake City’s record stores, and standing at above six feet tall, he is hard to miss. His sleek mod/rocker hybrid style caught the eye of SLUG, so we sat him down and made him talk.” Article and Photos by Tyson Call

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The 24th Street Wailers
Where Evil Grows
LMB Records
Street: 03.05
The 24th Street Wailers = Wanda Jackson + Little Richard + Little Willie John + Lavern Baker

Not every band can perfectly capture the nostalgia for swinging 1950s rock n’ roll and then proceed to wreck your speakers due to the necessity of a dangerously high volume level. Where Evil Grows is an altogether up-tempo, gritty rockabilly album defined by the brilliant blend of harsh yet soulful vocals courtesy of the drummer/vocalist Lindsay Beaver and prominent sax that makes this record an exception to an exhausted genre.

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Rebel Music: Race, Empire, and the New Muslim Youth Culture

Hisham Aidi
Vintage Books
Street: 12.02.14

Hisham Aidi produces what is perhaps one of—if not the—most brilliant, interesting and essential books on understanding Islam and Muslim youth movements in the 21st Century.

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King Tuff rocked Kilby Court with Rich Girls and Breakers. Photo: Dan Monick

My journey to Kilby Court, from the heart of downtown SLC, is inspired by a certain persistence in the face of the bone-chilling cold. This trip is done on foot as some right bleeding bastard decided to remove the wheels off of my bike sometime prior to tonight’s gig. So, in the spirt of rock n’ roll and with the assistance of a glistening chalice of Dead Horse Ale, I make my pilgrimage to tonight’s holy site in search of deafening salvation. Arriving somewhat early, I find myself killing time with Breakers in a corner of the Kilby Court grounds. Apparently, it’s been a bit since they’ve practiced, but I am not too concerned about it since theirs is a raw nature and it always delivers…..
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