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Capturing the Moment with Michael Kunde

Photo: Chad Kirkland

Michael Kunde is a professional commercial and advertising photographer based in Salt Lake City, Utah. His work and personal talents take him both across the United States and internationally. Some of his clients include Adobe and Chrysler. Apart from an impressive commercial portfolio, Kunde also boasts personal photography work that includes unique takes from his travels. Some of his more distinguished work contain his striking themes, such as those found in rural areas of the United States….

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The Toxenes – Double Creature Feature

The Toxenes

Double Creature Feature

Killjoy Records


The Toxenes= The Baby Shakes + The Cramps + The Horror Pops

The Toxenes are a rock ‘n roll trio from Minneapolis. They have previously released a single (2017) and a cassette album Electric Shock (2018). Double Creature Feature is their first LP on Vinyl. For those fans of rockabilly notions riding on garage, all infused with punk-rock messiness, this record is for you. Listening to this record is like binge watching a whole season of sounds. It’s got 18 grooves fully loaded with sugar and doused with rock ‘n roll vinegar.

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“Nick Kuzmack has been a contributor with SLUG Magazine for the last two years. He’s a writer, journalist, marketer and self-proclaimed shitty bassist. He can often be seen haunting Salt Lake City’s record stores, and standing at above six feet tall, he is hard to miss. His sleek mod/rocker hybrid style caught the eye of SLUG, so we sat him down and made him talk.” Article and Photos by Tyson Call

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