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Cock Sparrer at Punk Rock Bowling 2017. Photo: Tyson Heder

Punk Rock Bowling: where everyone who attends is decked out in studs, leather and bristles. Here they come to congregate for a weekend of music-inspired debauchery. This festival attracts punk from across the globe, which includes the infamous Turbojugend, street punks, crusties, ageing rock n’ rollers, weekend warriors and everyone in between. Within the confines of the festival itself, paychecks and pocket money are spent at booths catering to all subcultural needs and wants—whether it be records from Tang or Radiation, pins and clothes or radical literature from PM Press or thisisindecline.com. There were also food trucks and drink stalls, where, for an arm and a leg, one can stay drunk, fed or hydrated depending on levels of sobriety and motivation.

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Only Visiting: Remembering David Bowie


In a way, David Bowie was the leading actor in a generation of Renaissance men and women. He was among the company of brilliant cotemporaries like Iggy Pop and Lou Reed, who were also his partners traversing the golden years of rock ‘n’ roll, glam, punk and many genres that defined future generations of artists. His journey through these manifestations of pop-culture allowed him to witness the tragedy of being vilified before being deified. Bowie’s last act was like much his storied career, he, before anyone else, saw that it was time for his curtain to fall and his physical presence come to an end. His departing gift to the world was Black Star, an album that bode farewell to his temporary visit here on the mortal plane. We now give praise to his existence in this time and place for allowing us to witness, participate and appreciate the perseverance of his legacy. Bowie, aka David Jones, passed on January 10, 2016 at the age of 69 after an 18_month battle with liver cancer and just two days after the release of Black Star. It took long moments to accept that his bright star had finally dimmed.

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Iggy Pop performing at the Rebel Stage at Riot Fest 2015, Denver

Arriving at Riot Fest 2015 in Denver, I can’t appreciate the certain irony of the “death before shorts” mantra that I live by. It’s hot as hell, and living by that code may, in fact, be the end of me. The festival is held at the National Western Complex and there is little shade on the dusty gravel lots. The only relief can be found inside the stadium where the Radical Stage is located. When the wind picks up or an impressive mosh pit forms, dust gets kicked in the air making trying to breathe an exciting adventure. This dry, dusty Mad Max–like environment visually explains why most festival-goers have bandanas around their necks. The resulting appearance makes me think of punk rockers cast out of a post-apocalypse film, kind of what like one could expect from a punk version of Burning Man, minus the burned-out hippies and steampunk enthusiasts. As I make my way through the assorted food tents and brightly lit amusement park rides, I eventually find myself at my destination at the Roots Stage to check out De La Soul.

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