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The Madcaps – Slow Down

Band: The Madcaps
Album: Slow Down
Label: Howlin’ Banana Records
Release: March 31, 2017

The masters of poppy garage are back with their new album Slow Down. Since The Madcaps last album Hotsauce was a hit for this reviewer, it’s not necessarily a surprise to see that with Slow Down they indeed have something special.

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Wild Raccoon and his One Striped Tail –Half Pine Cone

Wild Raccoon and his One Striped Tail
Half Pine Cone
Howlin Banana Records
Street: 06.10.2016

If the purpose of the twisting nature of surfy garage rock wrapped in the fuzzy nature of psychedelia is to overwhelm the senses, then Wild Raccoon’s Half Pine Cone will do just that. Wild Raccoon is the manifestation of Raton Sauvage, who alone does the vocals and instrumentals (with the exception of the cover of Jefferson Airplane’s “How Do You Feel” where he is joined by Justine Watkins and Noémie Vénère from E.T. Aloha.)

Half Pine Cone
opens up with the track “Sasquatch Arms,” which proceeds to slowly draw the unwary listener into the lulls of shallow tranquility while stirring something deep within the consciousness. It is with this number that Wild Raccoon captivates the listener and offers something close to inspiration. Half Pine Cone progresses the style of psychedelic garage rock by dramatically fusing sounds that will provoke moving and grooving like being under the weight of a binding spell. The second number “Hitch-Hike Syndrom” pushes onward with pounding sensations that get the blood rushing. Going forward it is clear to see and hear why Wild Raccoon does a stunning job at blending the storied genres of psychedelic rock ‘n roll with the low-fi feel of surf garage with a certain freshness that makes a sound that is otherwise used up seem a bit more accessible.

Top numbers for consideration are the wild and frantic instrumental “Break All Ties,” the numbing “Wood Ghosts” and Wild Raccoon’s cover of “How Do You Feel.” Picking this album up is recommended, but not for the faint of heart. A fair warning before plugging it, from start to finish this is a listen that will invoke emotions— both strong and something else. —Nick Kuzmack

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Kaviar Special — #2

Kaviar Special
Howlin Banana Records
Release: 04/08/2016

After switching on #2, it becomes abundantly clear that there is just something instantly likeable about Kaviar Special. For starters, I am overwhelmed by the captivating nature of the opening track “Starving.” This track is totally stunning  as it fixates my attention via it’s provoking mix of poppy but wild psych driven rock n’ roll. “Starving” demands that listeners pay heed to a heavy fuzzed filled noise that could inspire the machinations of an out-body/out of mind experience. This is a style of rock n’ roll that I’ve become intimately familiar with, and while I’ll admit that this sort of garage crossover into the borders of psychedelia risks being a bit too well-known and comfortable to the ears, it’s still a sound that I can get behind.

As I proceed deeper into # 2, I find Kaviar Special pulls no punches blasting out a broad incarnation of rock n’ roll that takes influence from the volatile combination of psychedelic garage pop and surf rock. For the most part this is music that one can expect some uniform in style from and more importantly groove to. The one notable exception to this rule is  “I Wouldn’t Touch You With a Stick,” which comes across with certain defiant agitation. However, make no mistake; listeners will find that #2 boasts tracks that one can bounce up, down and sideways too. This is particularly true with the number “Mind Fuck. Other top tracks that follow this line of thought  are “Drowned in Doubts,” “Now I Know,” and “Highway.” So, be sure to check this out via Howlin Banana Records, it’s worth a few spins, especially under the right elicit substances. —Nick Kuzmack

The Madcaps – Hotsauce (Howlin Banana Records)

Artist: The Madcaps
Album: Hotsauce
Label: Howlin Banana Records
Released: January 2016

The Madcaps’ new album Hot Sauce is quite possibly the best thing to infect my ears so far this year. Hot Sauce perfectly represents a sound that is addictively savvy and is instantly likable. This album exceeds all expectations, as it never falls into anything suggesting a cliché. These 12 tracks profess The Madcaps ability to be charmingly playful, as they brilliantly exemplify their own distinct style of contemporary garage-like rock ‘n’ roll that takes certain nods from 1960’s pop.

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