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Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw – Honey Time B/W True 7”

Artist: Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw
Album: Honey Time B/W True 7”
Label: Slovenly Recordings
Release: 09.02.2016

When the Honey Time 7” is played, I suggest breaking out some malt ice-creams, and dawning flashy poodle skirts and sporting slicked-backed pompadours. It should be no secret that anything that Shannon Shaw (Shannon and The Clams) touches hosts the impeccable delights of all that is weirdo rock n’ roll.
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Fuzzy Vox – No Landing PLan

Artist: Fuzzy Vox
Album: No Landing Plan
Released: Feb 28, 2016

No Landing Plan ought to have a disclaimer that warns listeners of the involuntary volatile spasms that follow from listening to the infectious nature of this upbeat poppy garage rock ‘n’ roll. Fuzzy Vox manages to capture a sound that reflects something that borders on rock ‘n’ roll music that is not overplayed.

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Rest In Power: Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister

© Gonzalo Facio

The passing of Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister on December 28, 2015 is a loss that is felt particularly hard. Kilmister had suffered from poor health for some time, but his decline became particularly noticeable during the latter months of 2015, during which Motörhead was forced to cancel or cut short several North American gigs; however, there seemed room for optimism as Kilmister kept playing shows. The last of which was on December 11, 2015 in Berlin, Germany. There were even plans for Motörhead to tour in early 2016. Unfortunately, the tour was not to be when only four days after his 70th birthday Kilmister succumbed to advanced stages of an aggressive cancer that was only diagnosed two days before. The news of his death spread like wildfire across the Internet with news outlets like the Guardian and Rolling Stone releasing obituaries detailing his life and legacy. Fans from all walks of life honored him by posting their favorite Hawkwind or Motörhead songs or their favorite pictures of Kilmister. At the bar in which I was drinking, the bartender switched on Motörhead’s 1977 self-titled album and cranked the volume.

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Chatting with Dirty Fences

Illustration by Ika Lesniak

My initial exposure to Dirty Fences was by stumbling across their infectiously catchy song “Judy (Don’t Go)” on YouTube. Dressed in drag, the music video is styled like a 1960’s Shangri Las-like set. Think of the Shangri Las’ version of “Shout” meets the Ramones, but more amped up on the raw energy of 1970’s New York-styled punk rock. Intrigued, I soon found out that they were coming through Salt Lake City, Utah on 14 September 2015 with Nashville natives’ Faux Ferocious. During Dirty Fences set, I was blown away by their stunning performance. They displayed an intense energy that is essential to a solid rock ‘n’ roll show. I also found that this energy is perfectly translated onto their new album, Full Tramp—released on Slovenly Recordings. Needlessly to say, it’s been a part of a constant rotation on my record player. After I heard that they were about to hit Europe for a Fall tour, I decided to get the word on what happens behind the scenes by discussing the track “Judy (Don’t Go)”, their U.S tour, Riot Fest in Chicago and their plans for returning to Europe. To do this, I sat down with Jack Daves and got the scoop.

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Rock and Roll Is: Remembering Lester Bangs

Lester Bangs (c) Gonzalo Facio

Lester Bangs’ moniker, “America’s Greatest Rock Critic” is a title well deserved. His dissection of albums was a remarkable, if not a brutally honest representation of his philosophy. He did not suffer fools and above anything else, he valued originality from artists.

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Chatting with Alex Figueira of Fumaça Preta: You Ain’t Seen Anything Yet

(c) Christophe Lopez-Huici

Alex Figueira: I met The Grits when they asked me to put up a gig for them in Amsterdam, back in 2008. In the process I discovered that their label at the time (Freestyle Records) didn’t want to put out a tune they did called “The Sons of Your Funk Mother,” which I found amazing, so I offered to put it out on Music With Soul. I developed a friendship with Stuart and James after that crazy weekend for we all shared a similar level of musical nerdiness.

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Review: Miscalculations – A View For Glass Eyes

Miscalculations= Wire+ The Cute Lepers+ The Gaggers+ Sharp Objects

There are many groups that sound too much alike and too many that lack that punk punchy angst-filled attitude that makes my blood boil into a creative rage. For me, Miscalculations are the much noted and needed exception. Sharp like a razorblade’s edge, the electro-punk quartet, the Miscalculations, are an electrifying field of distorted passionate fury of agitated post-punk brilliance.

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Rock n’ Roll Lives on With a Defining Beat: A Conversation With Paul Collins

Paul Collins (c) (c) Gonzalo Facio

Paul Collins (the Nerves, the Beat) has just released a solid new album Feel The Noise and is back on tour. The Paul Collins Beat is due to visit Ireland, The U.K. and mainland Europe with a string of dates starting in April and going through May. Before he embarks on this adventure, Heatwave got the chance to chat with Collins about Feel The Noise, the current state of rock n’ roll and the infamous and successful Garageland tour in the States.

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Dig This: The Vacant Lots

The Vacant Lots (c) Stephanie Third

The Vacant Lots are kicking off an eventful year. Their plans include sharing the stage with punk legends, Suicide, in New York at the Webster Hall on March 7, U.K./European tours, as well as the release of a new 7” on March 16 via Sonic Cathedral. To top it all off, the word is that their next album is coming soon. To prepare the fledgling webzine, Heatwave, got the chance to peruse the minds of band members, Jared Artaud and Brian MacFayden, on what’s coming your way from the Vacant Lots. Stay tuned and dig this….

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