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Art Against Doom: Using a Visual Medium to Inform us of Climate Change

By Eric U. Norris [eubass5@gmail.com]

Some of you may have noticed, but we’ve been living with an anvil-like chandelier looming over us by a thread that we either refer to as “climate change,” “global warming” or “the impending doom of life on earth as we know it!” Whether you choose to ignore it or not, it is there, and people like Nicholas Kuzmack and Kady Newland are attempting to inform everybody of the current and future effects of climate change through the first in what will be a series of art events under the moniker Art Against Doom……

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AFLA – Artists for Local Agriculture: Music and Farming

Artists for Local Agriculture (AFLA) is exactly what it sounds like: local artists who gather together for one specific passion—urban farming. Combining agriculture with art, AFLA has created a substantial community that is continuing to grow. I’ve gotten in touch with LeAundra Jeffs who is hosting an upcoming benefit show for the organization, to get some insight on what AFLA is all about.

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